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How it Works.

Are you selling a home? See how Paid-2-Buy can save you time & money!

But, what about the buyers commission? You can, and we encourage you to, offer a buyer’s agent a flat 3% to bring you a buyer. On this example, you would still pay the buyers agent the commission.

If a buyer chooses to not use an agent, you would save the buyers agent commission, but most buyers hire agents to assist them in negotiating the purchase.

As ugly as it may seem, offering a commission to a buyer’s agent increases the possibility of your home being sold, especially to a traditional agent who may guide a buyer to look at certain homes based on the commission the Agent will receive.

Your offer of a buyers agent commission is especially enticing to buyers who are using a Paid-2-Buy buyers agents as up to 1/3rd of the commission would be rebated back to them. If you were in their shoes, which home would you rather buy: one where an agent gets to keep the entire commission, or one where the buyer gets a chunk of it to put back in their pocket?