"Setting the New Standard in Client Service"


Professional Services.

Professional services are the benefits that help you sell your home quickly and at the price you want. Invest in professional services and be rewarded.

Professional Staging

Staging your home can significantly increase the marketability of your home. Our professional interior design and staging services can provide you with a wide range of choices, from an hourly consult with written report, to a whole-house furnishing, complete with decorative accessories. The "whole house approach" is especially attractive for builders or vacant homes that would present much better if "dressed." Please call to discuss your specific needs and individual price quote.

Landscape / Lawn Maintenance

Your home has to have curb appeal. What better way to increase your value than through professional gardening or lawn maintenance, especially during the crucial months when your home is on the market. We will evaluate your lawn condition and create a planting/maintenance schedule to keep your home looking its best. Please contact us for a individual assessment and price quote.

Interior / Exterior Painting and Repair

Why give buyers an advantage in negotiation based on simple repairs or painting? Contact us for our current list of licensed and bonded partners in your area.

Home Inspection

Having a home inspected prior to the sell lets a buyer know exactly what is perfect about your home, and what might need attention. As a seller, this gives you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies, increasing your marketability. Don't be blindsided at the negotiation table: know ahead of time.

Photography / Taking Marketing Photos

Paid-2-Buy has a photography service which will take quality photos at either no-cost or reasonable cost depending on the listing service you choose.

Home Cleaning

When Spring Cleaning isn't enough, we recommend having your home professionally cleaned prior to your first open house showing. By renewing the grout and caulking, oiling the wood cabinets, putting a sparkle on the faucets, deodorizing the carpet and washing down the walls, you’ll add value to your home.